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Manage Canteens

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Full in house Catering for your company – managing and planning your company canteen, catering for your business meetings, promotional events and  help with all types of catering


Healthy Eating

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Optima Contract Catering have a special labeling ‘traffic light’ system to show how healthy each dish is.  We’ve been awarded the Heart Of Mersey Gold Award for work with one of our clients.


Themes and Events

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Optima contract catering organises regular events and theme days from Italian Days to Olympics Days on company premises in order to stimulate interest in the company canteen and catering.


Reduce Subsidies

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We work hard to reduce the catering subsidies you need to offer and improve the quality of your contract catering. We do three basic things to help you reduce canteen management subsidies….


Let us run your company canteen

OPTIMA CATERING LTD is a contract catering company.

you can contract OPTIMA to manage your restaurant or staff canteen – leaving you free to get on with running your business.

we are competitively priced offering real savings compared with the major national operators.We have a passion for food.

We try to incorporate best practice in healthy eating in our food offering.Our good ingredients are ethically sourced.

Our People & Training

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A caterer is only as good as the people it employs. People are our primary asset.

We employ friendly, enthusiastic people who love what they do.

We ensure that all Optima staff have the requisite training for any role they undertake. We encourage our staff to acquire higher level skills and qualifications in order to optimise the quality of the service and food we provide. It also gives our staff greater pride in their work and job satisfaction.