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OPTIMA CATERING LTD is a contract catering company.

You can contract OPTIMA to manage your restaurant or staff canteen – leaving you free to get on with running your business.

We are competitively priced offering real savings compared with the major national operators. We have a passion for food.

We try to incorporate best practice in healthy eating in our food offering.Our good ingredients are ethically sourced.

What can Optima Contract Catering do for you?

Optima Catering has been managing company canteens all over the UK for the past twenty years. We are experts in contract catering, providing canteen management services for a number of high profile organisations and businesses. We operate all over the country from the North East across to down The South West and as far west as Bristol.

We design and manage company canteens, from the restaurant, design and planning to the organising of catering staff including chefs, serving staff and waitresses. Thus reducing the subsidies that companies need to set aside to provide catering facilities for their workforce.

We deal with every aspect of on-site management organising all of the facilities which are required to run a successful office, factory or school canteen. From the on site cleaning, maintenance and security of your location to the training of the staff.  We can even organise TUPE to onboard staff from your own organisation if required. We will design menus with you to your tastes, ensuring that you provide a healthy and relaxing atmosphere for your employees to eat and socialise in.

Canteen Management Services

It all starts with here! – we can arrange a site visit where we will perform a free catering audit. We will then provide you with a full report to show you how our company can provide the full suite of catering management while saving your company money. Why set up a restaurant and employ catering staff when we can do it for you with all our years of expertise?

We strive towards healthy eating, local sourcing and well-being and are fully accredited and insured so that you do not have to worry at all about working with us. Why not contact us today?