about us

Our Story of Success

Optima Catering Limited was formed by Brian Lockley in July 2002 in response to demand from clients of their vending, food vending and hospitality companies.

The business has grown steadily by providing the same level of commitment and quality service to its operations that had proved successful in the hospitality and vending markets. The founders wanted to develop a catering company which cooked fresh food from local and regional suppliers. This was a move away from the common practice of many catering companies who retain for themselves large slices of their discounts from purchasing deals.

We deliver the true cost of food to our clients and look to receive a realistic fee for providing the service we give to them. We have a management support team in which our Operations Managers will never operate more than Ten catering contracts. This allows them to visit each of their sites on a weekly basis. We, therefore, have the time to build quality partnerships with our clients and develop the service to a level which meets and exceeds our customers’ requirements.

Over the past 5 years, Optima has grown to a position where we have an annual turnover more than Three and half million pounds, covering a range of contract services for offices, factories, call centres, warehouses and retail café outlets.

Our success has been further accelerated by a move to a new office in the heart of Warrington in Cheshire. Please feel free to call us and arrange a visit!

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