As a further enhancement to our exclusive Di Luzzo coffee brand we now offer a full Coffee shop, kitchen and Deli installation and Management service. We will visit your current facility and carry out a full site audit. We will then draw up plans for the full development and installation of our Di Luzzo coffee bar & deli experience.

Full Coffee Shop, Kitchen and Deli Installation

Our full solution includes a full installation of the coffee bar, kitchen and deli which can be installed a separate facility as an alternative to the standard staff canteen development. We work with you to establish the optimum number of covers and together we will establish the right deli menu for your demographic.

Di Luzzo Coffee Shop Kitchen and Deli Installation

Di Luzzo Kitchenette

A more compact but sophisticated installation is the kitchenette with its food preparation area which can include sandwich maker and microwave. There is also additional storage for cups, plates, bowls and cutlery. Taking up more space that the smaller Breakout coffee bar we will establish from the site audit which is more suitable to your space and budget.

Di Luzzo Deli Kitchenette

Di Luzzo Breakout Coffee Bar

Our simplest arrangement offers self service coffee bar and deli for light bites and quick service. The same great Di Luzzo coffee is served in this easy to use and informal arrangement which can be installed in the tightest of spaces. There is additional storage for cold drinks, fruit and snacks.

Di Luzzo Breakout Coffee Bar

Di Luzzo Deli Menus

As you would expect, we work with local suppliers to deliver the freshest ingredients and the best prices. We will work with you to develop the optimum menu based on your work force’s demographic, encompassing cultural needs, healthy eating and food allergies.

If you are interested in talking to us about our full service Di Luzzo Café, Kitchen & Deli or any of the other solutions on this page then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01925 648 990 or fill in the enquiry form on the right of this page.

Di Luzzo Deli Breakout Menu
Di Luzzo Caffe Board
Optima Catering Di-Luzzo Coffee Area