Food Preparation & Menu Planning

At Optima Catering we prepare on site every day. Frozen food, bought-in sauces, industrial soups….are definitely, and permanently, off the menu.

Typically, we offer, at all of our sites, every day, fresh salads, fresh home-made soups and jacket potatoes alongside a pre-agreed range of hot courses.

We have a health-conscious approach to our menu planning – without being prescriptive or patronizing.

Optima Catering Our Food

Suppliers & Sourcing

Optima Catering Our Food Ideas
Optima Sample Contract Catering Menu

Optima Catering operates a supplier’s policy which involves the use of local and regional nominated suppliers. Catering staff will only place orders with these nominated suppliers.

All of our suppliers have been assessed by our audit team in order to ensure they supply food at the right price and of the right quality.

The menu and tariff will be developed together by Optima and the client in order to offer the appropriate level of pricing to customers as well as meeting the financial requirements of the client.

Optima is committed to sourcing British produce as seasonality, availability and quality allow. We look to use ethical suppliers who can demonstrate sustainability, good animal welfare and farm assured produce

Our audit team ensure that our suppliers adhere to industry best practice in sourcing, preparing and supplying products to our customer sites. All our nominated suppliers are Certified to BRC standards.

Eating Habits

Our approach to menu development is a proactive one. We have utilised significant research that details peoples’ eating habits. We have found there are four main categories of customers:

Grazers – those people who snack throughout the day – ‘food on the hoof’ as it is now known.

Traditionalists. – the people who like the more traditional and regular menu items.

Free Spirits – those people who would like to try something different and constantly want change.

Healthy Eaters – the people who want less fat, salt and sugar.

Understanding our customers allows us to develop menus that meet their needs and in so doing drive up sales.

Salad Bar
Mexican Theme Day

Hospitality Days

We are often asked to put on Hospitality days for our clients where they may have their own customers or suppliers in for a special presentation day or event. We can provide quality to food to complement the event for your company.

The photos on the right are from a real event that we hosted recently where the requirement was for a very high standard of buffet food to be served.

We pulled out all the stops to give our client the day the expected with sumptuous offerings from fabulous olive and salami nibbles, satay sticks and tasty spiced chicken to platefuls of profiteroles.

Food for every occasion provided by Optima Catering for your special occasion.