Let Optima take the strain and provide your company with vending machines. We offer a full sourcing and installation service for all popular makes of food machine or drink dispensers. Whether you would like to offer a vending service in a solus location such as an office foyer or street corner or as part of a fuller canteen installation, we can offer the right machine for you at the right price.

Vending Machines & Drinks Machine Hire & Managemnet

Vending Services & Drinks DispensersFrom a simple water fountain which can be refilled on a regular basis to a fully automated drinks machine, we can source and install whatever vending machines you need. We will agree with you a budget and location and come and install and manage the machine at your preferred location. For the larger dispensers, we will work with you to provide the optimum selection of drinks. All popular drinks can be provided whether that be all makes of coke – Coca Cola & Pepsi, orange based drinks, lemonade and the like to more adventurous cans and bottles of Red Bull, Monster and even milkshakes and smoothies.

We can provide, install and manage hot drinks machines also for all makes of tea and coffee as well as hot fruit punches and hot water for your employees to make their own hot drinks.

Vending Machines - Food, Chocolate Bars & Crisps

Chocolate Bars & Crisps Vending Machines ManagementThese can come in many sizes but we will work with you to source, install and manage the optimum food machine for your location. It might be a simple snack dispenser providing packets of brand name crisps and chocolate bars to more exotic foods like Bombay mix and rice cakes. Whatever your choice we can provide the vending machine for you at your preferred location at the right price.

We will work with you to come up with the right selection of foods and snacks to suit the demographics of your workforce, students or staff. We will manage the location regularly refilling as supplies run low. You will not even have to think about the facility as all aspects of vending machine management will be taken care of.

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We have a wide variety of finance packages available to meet all budgets and  requirements. All vending Machines can be bespoke & personalised to blend in to your facilities.